Bjarne Verschorre

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A brief introduction to encryption and its different types..

Improve IT Skills

Simple ways that will instantly improve your IT skills..

How I Watch YouTube

How I watch YouTube the way I want to..

Backups and Recovery

Backups and why they are important..

A Beginners Guide to Linux Distros

Post about A Beginners Guide to Linux Distros..

Moved From Github

Why I moved from GitHub Pages back to my original setup.

Tmux Cheatsheet

Usefull keybinds I learned while using tmux..

Domain Discovery With Nameservers

Using Cloudflare nameservers to find other domains managed by the same account..

Setup KVM with Virtmanager

Guide to setup KVM on an Ubuntu(-based) system with Virtmanager..

Firefox Extension Source

Quick instructions on how to get the source code of a Firefox extension..

Better Hugo RSS

Improving the RSS feed of my Hugo website..

Hosting on GitHub

Post about Hosting on GitHub..

Configuring SSH

How I configure and secure my SSH server..

LUKS Encryption

Step for step guide on how to encrypt and mount partitions with LUKS..

Setting up an SFTP server

Setting up and configuring an SFTP server for a single user and/or a group..

Infosec Learning Resources

Some resources I love related to learning infosec..

Rewriting CVE-2019-9053

The PoCs I found were all the same and very slow. This is how I made my own improved version..

Hacking My School

An indepth explanation on how IT students hacked their school platform..