Bjarne Verschorre

β€œAn idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity.”

– Terry A. Davis

πŸ‘‹ Hello World!

My name is Bjarne, a 19 year old programmer and cybersecurity enthusiast. I’ve build this website to share my knowledge and projects with you and learn web development while doing so.

πŸ” My PGP key can be found here.

🌐 My Website

🧰 This website is made with Hugo and an altered version of new.css. For my hosting you can check out this post where I explain everything.

πŸ“œ This website has minimal JS (which is not required), I use it to get a random quote (see the top of this page) with randomize_quote.js, a search bar for my blog and write-ups with search_bar.js.

πŸ“ˆ For privacy-respecting analytics I use Simple Analytics, you can view the stats here.

Some videos I like related to being a webmaster:

πŸ”— Webmaster Frens

Raccoonbutt Ash

BjarneAdd my button to your website to become frens! 😊